Undertaking Statement of confidentiality

Undertaking Statement

I, , am hereby undertaking to my employer __________ Co.,Ltd(hereafter refer to A) that during my work in my employment, I will respect and not-infringing the commercial secrets owned by A which are listed in the Appendix. Especially I undertake that I will use A’s customer data base to send commercial advertisement.

I hereby state that in case of any violation, I accept any civil or criminal penalty according to Chinese civil or commercial law, < Criminal law of the People’s Republic of China>.

It is hereby stated



Scope of Commercial secrets

1. Related technical information: technical solutions, project designs, electronic circuit designs, manufacturing technology, prescription, technological processes, technical indications, software, program codes, database, development records, technical reports, analysis reports, experimental scheme and data, experimental results, technical charts, sample products, sample equipment, models, moulds, operational handbooks, technical files, letters, faxes and so on.

2. Related management information: Investment information(e.g. Investment feasibility research report), purchase information(e.g. supplier information, price of purchase), information on product sales or providing service(e.g. customer information, sales price, consultation documents, promotion strategy, market share), information on economic cooperation(e.g. technology cooperation documents), tendering and bidding documents, legal affair information(e.g. information on litigation, arbitration or economic disputes), management decision information(e.g. resolution of board of directors or shareholders, business plans), accounting information not opened to public(e.g. profit or loss, production cost, bank account, accounting books and financial report), aforesaid technology’s application, welfare information( e.g. salary, bonus, or other welfare), internal management rules information(e.g. labor discipline, confidential information rules, staff handbook) and negotiation/meeting information;