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Please let us know if there is an issue regarding in layoff, overtime, labor contract, trademark, patent litigation, purchase, quality, financial and investment dispute…

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RoyaLaw Firm‘s practice focuses on three major areas of legal concerns in China. The firm’s first legal focus is Commercial Law that aims to help clients manage purchases, quality disputes, transportation issues, financial and investment dispute affairs or concerns regarding leasing and shareholding. Secondly, Royal Law Firm practices Intellectual Property law in an effort to protect our clients against infringement of their products and to safeguard patents to allow them to become more profitable and better connected. Finally, the firm provides professional Employment Law service. China has a major employment section/labor workforce, and Royal Law Firm takes pride in offering the best service for its clients in this ever-growing sector.

Our main services:

1. Commercial law service.
legitimacy investigations against Chinese companies;
Due diligence report;
M&A contracts;
Franchise agreement;
Debt collection;
purchase contracts;
product liability issues;
business dispute resolution;
leasing agreements;
transportation issues related to sales of goods;
consumer disputes;
E-commerce legal disputes;
Any non-contentious legal services;
Litigations and arbitrations services in Chinese mainland.

2. Intellectual property law service.
Intellectual property registration, including registration with Customs Services, in China including Patents, Trademarks and copyrights;
Legal notices to counterfeiters;
Law compliance and risk assessment of Intellectual properties;
Infringement investigations;
Non-disclosure Agreement;
Patent, copyright and trademark transfer agreement;
Actions against counterfeiting and infringements in Commercial Exhibition and Fairs;
Technology (know-how)transfer agreements;
Protection of commercial secrets and know-how;
Proceeding on administrative measures against infringer;
Litigation against infringer (sometimes numerous infringers around China) of intellectual properties;
Non-contentious legal protection or system construct;

3. Employment law service.
Recruitment procedure compliance;
Employment Contracts;
Termination guidance and risk controlling;
Medical policy in case of illness or injury;
Overtime compliance;
Staff-handbook or Code of conduct;
Disputes on work related injuries;
Employee’s injury in accidents;
Retirement disputes;
Trial period disputes;
Compensations for employment termination;
Non-competition agreements;
Non-contentious issues;
Labor arbitrations and litigations.

4. Legal Service in personal issues for Non-Chinese citizens.
Family feud;
Will or inheritance affairs;
Personal social security or commercial insurances;
Offence and crime affairs;
Real assets affair in China;
Personal guarantees;
Personal loan disputes and agreements;
Work permits consultations;
Individual owned business consultations;
Property lease;
Marriage and divorce in China;
Litigation and mediation for family feud.