Mr. Wangdong

Mr. WangDong


License No.: 14403200410369240
Mobile Phone number: +86 13823102158

Lead of corporate legal counsel service team

Mr WangDong has been in practice for 12 years and specialists in commercial law; he has worked with international clients on multi-million dollar foreign contracts. Mr Wang works with large corporate shareholding companies, and woks setting up new companies overseas. He has worked with large South Asian, US and European companies. He also has expertise in intellectual property law and has previously protected clients from patent infringement which stands testament to his ability to provide a high-quality level of protection for his clients. Mr. Wang and his team are proficient in counselling on employment law and he is currently Vice Leader of the Employment Division of Nanshan Lawyer Service Group. He has high credibility amongst his clients and has accumulated great respect from his foreign partners who have maintained long term business relations with him.